I love karate and I practice often. I do want to know it as a reaction instead of technique and always, when I think I have gotten it perfect and am ready to commit it to muscle memory, it gets critiqued again and I go back to the start. 
Okay, I don’t go completely back to the beginning but I have to ditch old habits that I have ingrained into my body and in that sense, it is like starting new again and again…

I am not complaining.  Every step along the way shows me something I didn’t know before and that is always a good thing. It can, however, be frustrating especially after long slow practices where I think I can go back to Shifu and there won’t be anything to be said. 

It is what it is though. I appreciate that I get the opportunity to be critiqued as I do. Above all, I want to feel confident enough to use it but I also want to be good at it. 

I don’t want to have to think.