I haven’t been really good about my practice the last couple weeks.  I got caught up in the news and world events so exactly when I should have become more attuned, I ditched it and that’s when the negativity sets in.

Good thing for me, I know when it’s too much and I revert back to practice.  It keeps my heart and mind and body in balance ESPECIALLY when the world tends to be such a damning place.

This morning was good.  It’s been about four days since my last practice.  I usually practice at least four times a week and take about 20-30 minutes a day just in meditation.  It’s really calming for the soul.

The weather is about to warm up this week so I am very excited about taking practice outside.  I finally have a spot cleared away in the back yard although I DO wish I had a little more privacy.  I like my privacy.  Kind of ironic for a person who loves to write for the world to see.  Well, the world doesn’t see it because I get so little traffic, I am pretty sure my thoughts aren’t remarkable.  Fine by me though.  It’s better than having a barrage of people constantly insulting you over the internet.

Yip.  Been there many times.  It’s no fun.  They say you should have thick skin for that sort of thing BUT really, I just like to write.  I have kept a journal since being introduced to it when I was still in elementary school.  True story.  I have kept several journals throughout my life and I still do but now I put them on line because my handwriting has gotten sloppier and because despite the negative conquest of some people, I still like to share who I am.

I should probably write a piece, maybe tomorrow, on Yoga.  I get asked why or the purpose a lot and that’s a subject that I can sum up in one word, meditation.  Most don’t see it that way.  I see that for most who practice, yoga is a means to a “bikini body” or some fad for the “hot girls club” that lacks a spiritual concept.  I can’t judge though, right?

For me, the spiritual connection between all of myself IS the most important to me because I need to be connected that way.  If Yoga was just a bunch of moves, one to the next that had nothing between body and … well, I wouldn’t do it.  I would have lost interest a long time ago.

I am going on about 16 years of practice.  I started around 24, I think.  It was a blurry and confusing time in my life that lead me towards this path.  One that really has made a difference in my life even now.  It’s actually one of the few things that I haven’t abandoned because I have gotten board with it.  The other things being my husband, my kids, writing and exercise.   I know, boring life right.

I guess I don’t see it that way though.  I feel pretty happy in my boring life.  I feel pretty happy talking walks and just observing things around me.  I feel content staring out the car window when we take trips and I get a kick out of the oddest things.

Even my husband is more interested in say… regular attractions but I prefer to be ‘off the beaten patch’.  I think it makes life more interesting.  Nothing usually happens but for some reason, being on a path of less interest to the world is where I prefer to be.

And someone just ran into the sidewalk in front of my house. hahahaha.  See, those are the things I think are funny.  I imagine many would start calling that person names but I am more light than that.  I find most things funny in their own way because in the great cosmic scheme of things, life shouldn’t be so serious all the time.  We, as people, we make it that way.  Sometimes it’s by default because we need things like food and shelter OH, but what would the world be like if we spent less time being critical of everything and more time laughing at the nature that is ourselves?

Anyways.  Amazon package just got here.  Have a wonderful day.