I love this guy, Ralph.  He’s a little crazy (in a good way) but he makes me smile and feel good about myself even IF I have never taken the vegan challenge.  I have been watching him for over a year now.  I don’t know if he is truly as happy as he makes himself out to be BUT, for what it’s worth, he does make me smile and just a putting smile on someone’s face can change the whole outlook for the day.

A smile can lead to a laugh, a laugh is like a cure and the cure is found inside. That’s not to say that it will cure seriously illnesses and all that but it does in those moments, make life feel good and whatever is troubling you goes away for a least a moment.

Literally, laughing makes me feel really good and laughing is something I cannot live without.

So, I visit Ralph’s YouTube channel because I know that when I do, “Can I get a hello” and “breath in that good ass prana, baby” is going to make me smile.  It always does.  That, and he makes me feel good about myself.

This one here, to just try means you aren’t a failure.  It can feel hard sometimes to feel like I will never be successful but then again, I look around and I see that I am actually successful.

I am abundantly successful at acknowledging where I have made mistakes, admitting when I have done something bad, accepting that there are things about myself that I cannot change and have changed the things that I could change.

I have two amazing kids, a husband who loves me no matter how annoyed he might get when I move the furniture (again), I have my own little lot on Earth.  Have you ever thought about your home in those terms?  On all the Earth, I have just a tiny little lot I get to call my own -laws, taxes and all that stuff aside.

Anyways, if you ever feel like you need a little boost in your day, Ralph (Infinate Waters) has a way of nudging you towards a better day because it starts with a smile.

“Can I get a hello”  – love that.