This is my dog Cheddar.  She came to me on July 4th, 2019 in the MOST unusual but not unheard of way.  She came running down my street scared to death from all the fireworks and looked like she had been neglected for some time.

She’s not very old, maybe just over one year old so whatever happened in her life before she met me, I don’t know but I do know that we were meant to be together.  She’s my Forest.

So she went running past us and I called out for her to stop.  She looked at me and then kept running but I was worried she was going to get hit. So I got down on the ground and told her it would be okay and she actually came to me.

I picked her up and put her in a crate to keep her safe.  The next day it was hard to get her out of the crate because she was still terrified but eventually we did get her out and I gave her a bath and we set out to find who she belonged to.

After a couple weeks of looking, no one claimed her.  I went to the Vet and they listed her on their website and Facebook page for missing dogs.  I also did so for the local neighborhood app and checked all the websites where people post missing dogs.

I was relieved that no one claimed her because after ten minutes with her, I was already in love and didn’t want to let go but knew that if she had a home, I did have to give her back.  Lucky for me, she’s all mine and we are like “peas and carrots”.  I love her so much and cannot believe the circumstances of how she came into my life.

The thing is that I had wanted a small dog for a time because I needed someone to cuddle with and just have around.  It’s like the Mother Earth head me crying inside for the perfect match and she came running.

Anyways.  She’s made herself very comfortable in her new home and we all love her to death.  She’s a little quirky but that’s what makes her even better.  She’s a smart dog too although you wouldn’t think it by the way she chews on her foot which reminds me of one of the hyenas from The Lion King who eats his foot.

The Universe happens in the strangest ways but I am so glad it does sometimes.

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