The last few days have been interesting. You all have heard the saying of bad things happening in 3s. This is me lately.

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First my computer decided it didn’t want to work anymore so I spent a long time on the phone with tech and then ultimately had to bring it in to be fixed.

The internet quit working.

Then my husband’s reef tank overflowed. Something he swore could never happen but apparently the snails can make a mess of things. They crawled into the overflow and blocked the inlet so it poured over the top. lol. I mean it is funny when you think about it but nonetheless my husband is pulling the floors up because I guess there as a lake in the kitchen and living room this morning and the water got under the laminate flooring.

He woke up and cleaned it all up before I woke up because I am certain, had I had seen it with my own eyes, I would have probably lost my shit.

But I guess there is always the bright side, the lucky for the unlucky folks. My computer was wiped and is basically brand new again.

The internet is working just fine. Not that that was really something to make the list but I added it for dramatic effect and I needed 3 so…

And just a couple days ago my husband got the electric components off the floor. He is in the middle of building a new tank just for backstory. They were on the floor and I pestered him to get them off the floor incase it overflows.

The bad thing is that it actually happened. The good thing is that it didn’t become an electrical fire accompanied by water. phew. NOW that is what I call good luck.

It seems like that some times though. Like I have the worst luck but when I look back on it, I feel like someone or something is always watching out for me. It reminds me of a buddhist story.

One of my favorites is about a family whose income came from their farm. As they got older, their son had to do a lot of the work. One day their son was kicked by a mule and broke his leg so he couldn’t perform any of the duties.

The parents sighed, this is such bad luck…something like this. Another man, an older man came by the home and the folks told them what had happened. He said, “good luck, bad luck”. Well something like that anyway. I imagine an elderly wise man with a stereotypical long white beard who shows little emotion for such things but somehow always sees the light.

The folks of course were very upset about how they were going to manage their livelihood when they heard about the war. Soldiers were being sent to to each home drafting all the able bodied men so when they came to their home, the son was unable to go on accounts of his broken leg.

Later, the news came back that all the soldiers that were drafted had died. Now that bad luck was surly a fortunate event that spared the life of the son and the grief of the family.

So good luck, bad luck… Really who is to say.