One of the biggest areas of doubt for myself I have is when it comes to speaking clearly. For thinkers, we have a tendency to ramble because our minds are actively scouring folders in our heads for information and sometimes we get so sidetracked by it, we forget what we were fist talking about. I notoriously go on tangents. I also have somewhat of a lisps that get’s me tongue tied a lot. It’s embarrassing when I have to keep trying to say something because it comes out funny sounding.

In order to help myself become better at sticking only to the point AND speaking clearly, I am doing short tutorials on Instagram. I mean, I have only done one so far just to see how it would go and get some feed back.

On my last post I thought that maybe humor would be my natural approach but as it turns out, being direct and to the point is what ended up being the most comfortable for me. My friend did mention my bow at the end which she thought was cute. I didn’t think about that when annualizing my work. I thought that maybe I was too direct and not personal enough but according to what my friends told me, it was good because it was to the point and I didn’t spend too much time on irrelevant things.

It’s interesting because what came naturally after 20 takes or so, was the same as what I like to see in tutorials. I have always been annoyed by the ramblings before a video thinking, “could you just get to the point already”. The messaging for internet content creation is to fill up space with words so when you look for a recipe, you have to read over an entire blog just to get to it. It’s annoying to me when I just want the information.

At any rate, I completed my final exam with 98%. I could retake it for 100% just to satisfy my ego but it really doesn’t change much in the end. A pass is a pass. I still have 4 sequencing assignments left to complete while trying to stick to making at least 1 post a day on Instagram. It’s feels like a bit much to keep up with at the moment but the end of this portion is in sight.

You can find me at Sandy.yoga_ on IG.