Clearly I am not the best when it comes to not inviting karma. I always think that everyone knows by now that Karma is neither “good or bad” but the consequences to actions AND inactions. This is kind of a grey area for me because I do know my own ego has a sense of justice and doesn’t like things that cause people suffering…

I think suffering happens enough on it’s own that it is so unnecessary to add air to the fire. I do not generally like to admit my own faults but when I recognize them for what it was then it is easier to admit and make sense of it.

Recently I have been trolled. It’s hard to resist trolls ESPECIALLY when they say something that is so wrong, it feels like IF I said nothing, I would be condoning it OR if I say something then I am starting an argument. Neither is a very good option YET I always find myself digging in. I dig in partly because when something is wrong, it just needs to be said(ego). I wouldn’t normally say something is completely wrong, wrong, wrong unless I was completely sure, sure, sure of it. The bad part is that I also do it in part to know for sure that what that person is doing is coming from a bad place or if it’s just ignorance or poor choice or words etc. I give this benefit to everyone.

So in my last post it was about calling out “white female yogis” for this perceived notation that they are taking away Yoga from the Hindus. I knew when the subject came up that I shouldn’t read it because it was almost guaranteed that I would find a bias in it. Yet I did it anyways thinking that there might be a chance that I could learn something from it.

What I didn’t expect after explaining in the best way I could how unfair the whole thing was to singling out white yogis that I would also be trolled by someone who seems to have it out for me because I simply did not agree with the assessment. This comes up a lot these days, the “you’re with me or you are my mortal enemy” type of behavior. It gets super old and it really sucks up a lot of a person’s time.

I come by it ALL the time because I am somewhere in the middle with very few things that I will NOT give on. So in another conversation that was completely unrelated, there was that person was again to make comments that were obviously meant to make me look bad except they were so wrong on every level considering the context, that it was obvious that I was being trolled.

I hav been pre-occupied with it for a day because it always makes me wonder why anyone would go out of their way to do that. I thought to myself, but I really didn’t deserve that and okay fine, have it your way bitch. lol. I am so not perfect with really human feelings but in the end all I said was “I am sorry your feel that way, you should read the books.”

To put it into context, there was a woman who felt like she was going through “imposter syndrome”. Like I said before, I hear it all the time since starting my journey into getting certified for the alliance. So I told her that she should read the Bhagava Gita and The Yogi Sutras so that she could take comfort in being on the right path and that questioning herself means that there is something genuine about her to begin with.

What could go wrong with a comment like that? Funny you ask. This person, who clearly doesn’t like me for disagreeing with her replied that the Bhagava Gita should ONLY be read by a guru or someone ordained to teach you about it. I heard it said in Patanjail’s book the Yogi Sutras, however it was like that was the only thing she read. To take it a step further she said that the story is too complicated to read yourself and that you wouldn’t get the full essence of the book.

If there is one thing in the world I refuse to do to anyone, it would be to stand in the way of a person’s journey to being one with their god. It is also a point of contention for me that ANYONE would tell another to NOT read from the very books their religions come from. I am so literally the opposite of that. Having that person say that was a reminder of the time I heard a pastor at a church tell their people to not read the Bible. To only read certain verses or in larger context within the church, to withhold gospels.

This point become complicated to some degree because some people are illiterate and back then most people were illiterate and the “authors” of most of these were also illiterate so yes, a lot came from word of mouth and today, it is important to share by mouth and carry on that tradition. YET SOOOOOO many people have died because some people didn’t want others to know what they books actually said.

Keeping people in the dark or ignorant about their faiths has lead to so much undue suffering and keeping people in bondage. Revolutions happen after people become wise and knowledgable and of course those who want to keep others oppressed for their own means, will rise up and do whatever they can to keep liberation from spreading. This also has resulted in blood shed and countless heart aches and endless suffering.

To fight the ‘good fight’ isn’t always the easy choice and it is in the Human Nature to fight no matter how much we try to avoid it. The complications of course is that when we choose not to, we allow ‘evil’ to perpetuate. When we choose to fight, we are inflicting suffering. So the only answer is to do so with the right intentions because to do nothing invites karma and to act invites karma. How this ultimately turns out is to be determined but what a person can know is whether or not to allow innocent people to suffer. It’s messed up I know.

So coming back to how I ended up inviting a troll into my life is because I chose to get involved. I chose to speak up. Not against that person by any means, but I engaged with that person after words giving the benefit of the doubt and it didn’t turn out so well.

So to put it to rest, when I asked myself again this morning what I did to invite that in. I knew that if I did, I would invite someone to be upset with being even minded. I knew it because it always does. Did I really have to in that instance? I don’t think I did so really, it was me. I invited it because I knew that disagreeing openly would upset at least one person and it did.

At any rate, I hope my little personal tale of how I inevitably did it to myself is helpful. I found the Bhagava Gita to be helpful in understand this post even the part about fighting. Do I have it all right? No, because circumstances are always changing and that is sort of the thing about Karma. It follows you around until you can resolve this issue. According to the Gita, it can stop when I stop inviting it OR in everything that I do, I expect nothing from it but that is a whole other blog for another day.