That’s the question I have in my head today. What is my message? What is it that I really want to communicate to the world? Have you ever thought about what messages you are sending out into the world? I have more often these days than before. Before the world became ultra sensitive (before social media) we had an understanding with the people we communicated with. Not everything we said was PC or even good in general. Nonetheless, being truthful to ourselves and others was and always is the best way to express who you are and to really know the people you communicate to.

We could do it then because we were capable of expression through body language. A language that was harder to lie through than it is today given that we can so easily cover what we don’t want people to see and only show what we believe others want to see. What is the truth in that? Is self expression just the parts you want people to see because it makes you feel special? What if it turns out that the parts you don’t show people are the parts that really mean something and the parts that people really love because it’s the part of you that is real, raw and honest? What then?

Messaging can be so confusing these days. Yesterday I stopped by place to get some hot tea. There were two signs on the door. One said “open” the other said “closed”. I asked my husband, “you think it is opened or closed?” He said, “open, it says right there on the sign. I says “yeah but it also says closed.” We parked and went anyways because why not just check. If it was closed, we lost nothing. If it’s open we get to enjoy delicious tea on a cold day.

What is the Truth?

I believe that there is one real truth that encompasses everything. What THATt is goes by so many different names but to keep it simple I will just call it the Eternal. That with no beginning or end that we cannot comprehend no matter how smart we believe ourselves to be. Given that the very essence of the Eternal is made up of everyting and then it’s opposite, nothing, it’s no wonder we become confused by the messaging. People have been fighting for a long time over this but really I think they fight with themselves, the aspects. The aspects being the perfected nature of the the thing labeled in and of itself to its most perfected or extreme form only to it’s beginning and to it’s very own end.

In Eastern philosophies, the Eternal has many limbs, sooooo many that you can’t even wrap your mind around it. It’s like breaking down each atom into it’s anti-parts just to understand the sum of the whole that makes up all matter that we can understand, we can call that Mother Nature or Prakriti (sp?) or the Tao. It’s through her essence that we search for the truth of matter but what is the truth beyond that? That’s where things become conflicting.

For some, they part ways with the idea of an Eternal all together because they need to know it through it’s Mat-eternal Nature and others find their truths through the Spirit of Nature. Together they make up just parts of the Eternal like a planets are to a Solar System is to a Galaxy is to the Universe is to the Eternal. The further out you look, the less you see, look to closely and it looks much the same so you find the truths by looking at what is available but also slowing moving forward to bring what is way off in the distance into focus while also bringing what is too close to see, further away so that you can see it more clearly too.

So what is my message? My message is about balance. Sometimes through the physical aspects, it sound cliché’ because it gets used so often but the message is never what it seems. You really have to push your limits to understand what you thought was previously never there. Spiritually it is about understanding your “core”, about directing your energy inwards towards your core, your center of gravity, your space, the essence of you that is part of the Maternal AND Paternal Nature ie: in matter (the stuff that can be seen) and Spirit, the stuff that is not stuff but gave rise to stuff, stuff). Easy right? lol

So much can be found when you find balance in your life and ask yourself questions like: who am I? What is my message? What messages am I sending out into the world? What is being received and why is it THAT that is being received and does it match what you intended?

Are you open or closed?