• Insecure women do not like secure women.
  • Most people are takers.
  • Most people are attracted to the outside not the inside.
  • Kind attracts kind. I am one of a kind.
  • People will lend you their ear but it doesn’t mean that they are listening.
  • People fight because they don’t know how to communicate.
  • Blame is the game of people who refuse to be responsible for their own actions.
  • There’s a fine line between being open about your life to inspire others and using your life’s hardships to harness sympathy.
  • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean you failed.
  • Being compassionate doesn’t mean you should allow others to walk all over you.
  • Being respectful doesn’t mean you have to agree or like another person. It means that even if you loath them you still respect them as a life and that all life should be treated with a certain amount of compassion and decency… humanity.
  • Try and fail a million times. So what. At least you tried and gained more than you would have if you never tried to begin with.
  • People who have everything handed to them might not understand others’ struggles but it doesn’t mean you should hate them. It means that that is the lot in life they can handle. Sure, it does seem unfair (and it is) but the struggle is what really gives life meaning because in the struggles, that’s where we grow.
  • Spend more time reflecting on what is good. Think about how often you pine over the bad things or feelings when the good ones are just as plentiful but you ignore them while pining over the bad and wishing for what you already have. Embrace what you already have.

Expectations in life can be such a downer at times. We anticipate that hard work will yield the results you wish for in you mind. We see ourselves as worthy but are often treated as worth-less. We constantly find ourselves in unpleasant situations just because you are alive… the story of life has never been one without struggle so embrace life for all that it is and let go of the idea that doing this or that will truly give you what you desire.

Let go of desire and just be. Be that awkward person who walks into the “cool” party and shouts “I am here!” and goes on happy with who they are regardless of what anyone else thinks. People like that, those people are happy by choice because they love themselves for all that they really are and will never let anyone take it away.