I just wanted to share an easy read on Philosophies of India. I got this one free with my Audible subscription. I think the duration was less than a few hours so it was a quick read but it covered the basics or fundamentals of Eastern Indian philosophical thought.

Because the book lays out the few different principals in each school of thought, it makes it easier for others, if you haven’t not done a lot of reading on these things, to understand why there can be so many varying perspectives and why these schools of thought have endured for the last 5-6k years if not longer.

Anyway. If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to study, this one really does have a pretty good overview making it a good choice if you want to familiarize yourself with the different philosophies. It is by no means the tell all but if something strikes you as interesting. I would encourage you to follow that and learn more.

Eastern philosophies from early gnosticism to modern science continue to captivate my mind and help make sense and understand the world from a wide angle lens. I truly do believe that when you dig into the nature of thoughts and all it’s dubiousness, it causes you to start questioning things like you never did before or perhaps clarify or bring new meanings to the questions you may have thought were already settled.

At some point I plan to share my library. You’d be surprised how much more alike we are when we aren’t fighting over the differences. Instead, embracing those differences is just one aspect of what makes life so very, very interesting and worth it regardless of how enlightened you may be.