Could you imagine if everyone loved themselves like mother’s and father’s love their children? If you offered yourself the same kind of love and support you would for anyone else in your life, how much would your impression of yourself change IF you saw yourself through the eyes of the mother or father?

Parent’s, for the most part, would do anything for their kids. We want to ensure they survive and that they get the best chance at living a life that is full of love and opportunities. How is it so difficult you feel the same about yourself?

Most people that I know are brought up to believe in self sacrifice. That we have to offer the best of ourselves to others. Women are groomed (at least they used to be, the world is getting better about this) to offer herself to a man, to give herself to her children. To be everything to everyone all the time. What is left for people who offer themselves to the point that when it comes to self care or self love, there’s not much left.

You end up tired, sad, wondering if you are at the right place in life. You question your value to the world, your families, your jobs. You feel insignificant and wonder why you feel that way. While I don’t know the truth for all people, what I do know is that really showing yourselves the same compassion and understanding and love and forgiveness that you give to others is really hard to give to yourself.

Try it for a week. Treat yourself as you would treat your children or the other people in your lives that you love and would do anything for. You are so much more beautiful and deserving of all the love in the world just like anyone else. So embrace yourself. Give yourself a hug. When I say give yourself a hug. Imagine that you are hugging someone you really love.

Imagine in that moment that feeling you give off when you hug someone and really want them to know how much you love them. Wrap your arms around yourself and imagine giving that love squeeze to yourself with the same energy you give to others.



PS. I understand that not all parents were good ones and so this exercise could be triggering and make you mad and upset. I want to say that I recognize that because I lived that BUT my truth and I hope it can also be yours one day, is that you ARE allowed to give yourself the love you knew you needed and deserved as a child. No matter how bad they or anyone in your life made you feel about yourself, they were lying to you and you DO deserve better. You always did. You always knew.

If I could wash away the traumas of people’s pasts, I would. Unfortunately, I don’t possess that kind of magic. All I really can do is remind you constantly that love is given and that you are loved. If you cannot find it outside of yourself, your journey will be difficult. So cultivate the love you know you need and deserve and f- everyone who says otherwise. You are beautiful.